good bye old…

November 18, 2012

And hello new! My new website can be found at


October 25, 2012

pirtti handwoven portrait

This past weekend I had a photo shoot for my scarves. It was an incredibly exciting day. I had an awesome team (and it took a team!), a great photographer, a lovely model and a beautiful day. At the very end we snapped a few photos behind my house. Above is an out take by iphone. An exhausted but thrilled Mama Pirtti. I can’t wait to share the new photos with you!


September 19, 2012


The countdown is beginning. The second to last set of scarves is on the loom. One more round of measuring warp, dressing the loom and weaving and the collection of scarves will be complete. I am so looking forward to opening the shop again. I even have a few surprises planned as part of the celebration…

a funny story about instagram

September 5, 2012

ace & jig

I joined Instagram awhile back (it’s a party over there!). Other than photos of people’s lunches, their pets and kids (guilty), it’s also a great way to get behind the scenes with designers and their customers. Case in point – I was not familiar with Ace & Jig until I started following Cary & Jenna on Instagram. Through their photos, I learned a little bit about who they are and the clothes they make. A few weeks back when I was visiting L.A., I walked into Mohawk General Store and immediately recognized one of their dresses even though I have never seen their work in person. I found a couple of pieces to try on and immediately fell in love with one. I loved it so much, I snapped a pic in the dressing room, posted it on Instagram and tagged Cary & Jenna and they responded.

This to me, is one of the coolest things about social media. I learned about their brand through Instagram. I became a customer because of Instagram. I corresponded with them about my delight with the purchase over Instagram. The instant, visual gratification of this medium is quite fun, and apparently good for business! I’ve got my eye on a few more pieces now…

follow friday

August 31, 2012

ermie modeling pirtti

Jennifer modeling fall 2012 to-be-named Pirtti scarf

Through Ursula of Modaspia I found Elizabeth of Primoeza. Through Elizabeth I found Jennifer of Ermie. By chance of moving to California and having the opportunity to visit L.A. regularly, I have met with Jennifer in person. I just love how that all comes together!

This past weekend I was in L.A for a quick trip and had the chance to meet up with Jennifer for coffee. (Though in reality it was much too hot for coffee!) I’ve been a fan of her bold and colorful work for quite a while. Having my head in the sand so to speak, weaving away by myself, I wanted to show her what I’m working on and talk through some ideas. It occurred to me that Jennifer has never actually seen my work in person and it tickled me pink that she was ready to buy a scarf on the spot on a hot day. It was great to show her the stuff in person, get some feedback, see what aspects of the work she was drawn to. I’m ready to get cracking on the next few warps and of course have ideas for many more. I only wish there were more hours in the day, or that I required less sleep.

All the ladies I mentioned above inspire me and were the first ones I followed when I decided to pursue this new venture. They all have blogs, and in the spirit of “follow friday“, I highly recommend you check them out.

Modaspia also on Facebook

Primoeza also on Pinterest and Instagram

Ermie also on Tumblr and Instagram

Instagram is quite fun and I find myself addicted. (@pirttihandwoven if you’re interested.) Speaking of following people, I have a funny story about that, but I’ll save that for another day…

san francisco summer

July 30, 2012

golden gate bridge

San Francisco can be incredibly foggy and cold in the middle of summer.

pirtti handwoven modeled

Perfect for testing out my latest handwoven scarf. (Available in November!)


July 22, 2012

sample 2012

Monday I am scheduled for a critique of my work by a master weaver. I am pulling together various samples of scarves (like this one above) to show aspects of my work, praying the whole time that my sore tooth doesn’t become worse by tomorrow. There’s always something…

i *heart* ny

July 16, 2012


The end of spring and the beginning of summer. My husband and I took a trip to NYC to celebrate his birthday. It was so nice to be back with our friends and family in the place we still call home.


Generally weather in San Francisco is agreeable, but summer is just mean for anyone who likes to wear tank tops and drink margaritas outside at night. New York was a hot, sweaty mess and I completely enjoyed wearing a summer wardrobe for a few days.


We always try to hit some of our old favorites when we come to town – Luke’s lobster rolls hit the spot perfect for a summer meal. Other must-have’s: Prune, Freeman’s, Schiller’s, The Breslin, Shake Shack, Two Little Red Hens Bakery, Minetta Tavern, The Lion, Rack & Soul, Daisy Mae’s, Momofuko Noodle Bar… we don’t always get to visit all of them but by golly, we sure get to many of these places each time we visit.


And of course, what visit wouldn’t be complete without visiting Purl SOHO? How I walked out with only one skein of yarn is still somewhat unbelievable.

We also took a family vacation to Napa, unplugged, hung out by the pool and enjoyed some time off. Today is my first official day back in the loom room. Travel aside, I am really happy to be here and back to work.

potholder loom

June 19, 2012

peg loom - pirtti handwoven

I have a little visitor in my studio most days. Lately, she’s been quite quiet, hard at work. She’s mastering the potholder loom. (You can purchase a Harrisville potholder loom here.) The key to a young one weaving by herself is only using 2 colors in the warp. That way it’s easier to see which colors stay “up” while the other ones stay “down”. I’m going to re-warp her two shaft Micki toy loom the same way. I love having another weaver in the family!

plant dye

June 12, 2012

dye bath - pirtti handwoven

This past weekend I had the privilege to participate in a workshop with Rebecca Burgess, author of Harvesting Color. I am a complete novice when it comes to dyeing. What better way to start than to learn how to dye from plants like coreopsis and oak galls? She taught us about the effect the modern textile industry has on our planet (not good) and how we can make our clothes sustainable and ethical. It was mind-blowing and a lot to take in.

dye samples - pirtti handwoven

My dream is to eventually source my yarn locally and have it dyed naturally. Easier said than done, as there are a lot of important details to be worked out. It is not easy to find weaving yarns that are truly from the U.S., but I believe it is possible and something I would like to work towards. I am very excited to learn about Fibershed and where it will lead me in both resources and inspiration.

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