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san francisco summer

July 30, 2012

golden gate bridge

San Francisco can be incredibly foggy and cold in the middle of summer.

pirtti handwoven modeled

Perfect for testing out my latest handwoven scarf. (Available in November!)


July 22, 2012

sample 2012

Monday I am scheduled for a critique of my work by a master weaver. I am pulling together various samples of scarves (like this one above) to show aspects of my work, praying the whole time that my sore tooth doesn’t become worse by tomorrow. There’s always something…


May 4, 2012

photo by Lane Kennedy

One of the first group of ladies I met when I moved to the west coast was the San Francisco Mompreneur’s. They’ve been a support group, a feedback forum, and overall, a very interesting group of people. I am absolutely delighted to be featured (particularly since it is also my birthday month) as the May Mompreneur. You can read the entire interview and catch a glimpse of a day in the life with one of my two children here.

studio time

May 2, 2012

cones - pirtti handwoven

I love it when a plan comes together.

expect the unexpected

December 6, 2011

As summer drew to a close, I narrowed down my designs for fall and put a plan together for my scarf production. As usual, it’s a small number of scarves, suited for my availability to work in my studio uninterrupted. As you can imagine, putting together a schedule when also parenting two small children means running a tight ship and having a great babysitter. And with any plan, there are always hiccups, and my plan had its share. It is to be expected that there will be roadblocks and you simply have to figure out a new way to accomplish your goal.

The babysitter has to leave for two weeks, two weeks before my deadline.

Back up babysitter announces she is moving to L.A. the day after first babysitter goes out of town.

Daughters school announces mandatory volunteering for school fair that involves crafting, baking and manual labor.

Solution: Channel that innermost, ultimate Type A side of yourself that lives for situations like this and pull it together and make it happen.

But there was one thing that was completely unexpected that combined with all that is mentioned above that put a screeching halt to the best laid plans.

Expect the Unexpected

In September, we found out that we are expecting.

My babysitter is back, the school fair is over, I’m well into my second trimester and the nausea has passed. Every spare moment is being spent at the loom and I imagine my blog posts will be few. But by golly, there will be scarves! Barring any more hiccups, I am hoping for smooth sailing as I focus on weaving. I will update as to when I think the shop will be ready. I’m hoping in time for Christmas…

I love weaving and am very happy to be back at my loom. It’s a nice respite from these last 2 months!

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