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plant dye

June 12, 2012

dye bath - pirtti handwoven

This past weekend I had the privilege to participate in a workshop with Rebecca Burgess, author of Harvesting Color. I am a complete novice when it comes to dyeing. What better way to start than to learn how to dye from plants like coreopsis and oak galls? She taught us about the effect the modern textile industry has on our planet (not good) and how we can make our clothes sustainable and ethical. It was mind-blowing and a lot to take in.

dye samples - pirtti handwoven

My dream is to eventually source my yarn locally and have it dyed naturally. Easier said than done, as there are a lot of important details to be worked out. It is not easy to find weaving yarns that are truly from the U.S., but I believe it is possible and something I would like to work towards. I am very excited to learn about Fibershed and where it will lead me in both resources and inspiration.


April 24, 2012

yellow and orange

golden yellow

yellow and deep pink

I’m not usually attracted to yellow but lately the color keeps popping out at me. Orange and yellow combinations make me happy – however I was tickled to trip upon the soft yellow and dark pink combination today!

color story

March 20, 2012

color story

After a particularly rainy week, I took a much-needed long walk in my neighborhood. Upon returning home, I saw this beautiful leaf in a pot outside my front door. This got me thinking about color and how it can be seen.

It’s like tasting wine really. The first sip you get the obvious. Fruit and alcohol. Once your taste buds settle, you taste more. If you slow down and don’t rush, you can taste everything. Cherries, chocolate, even dirt. It is the same with color. There is very little flat color in this leaf. The green grey bleeds into a deep rich purple which then stretches into shades of burgundy and hot pink.

Hot pink may be beautiful on its own, but is highlighted even more by the purple. It is the same with wine and cheese. Spices in cooking. To bring out the best in a color, it helps to pair it with other colors. That is what I try to do with my work. At first glance, you may see teal or burgundy, but upon closer inspection, a variety of colors are waiting to be found.

So today, while out and about, find something and take a closer look at the colors. Let me know what you find. Better yet, send a photo to @pirttihandwoven on twitter or @amkav on instagram and we’ll keep the conversation going!

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